DSCN0450Last Evening’s Sky

While people, plants and animals
on the East Coast
suffer through high temperatures
and humidity,
we here in Oklahoma
are stunned
to not be experiencing
the triple digits
and drought
that have caused suffering
for life here
the last three years.
We have had only two days
of triple digits;
instead…temperatures in the 90’s
and 80’s! and
and clouds
and cool breezes
and rain
and cooler evenings,
in the 70’s
and 60’s!
We secretly savor every moment,
knowing it will not always
be this way,
but also grateful
because we’re already
in mid-summer.
Even if the heat rises
and the rains stop—
and the current forecast
is for more of this same next week—
it’s unlikely
we’ll experience 50 consecutive days
of triple digits.
A superstitious lot,
despite our scientific minds,
we barely dare to speak about it—
as if we can jinx the weather patterns.
But, quietly,
we are beginning to mention
to each other:
“Isn’t this weather amazing?”
I think I’m almost afraid
to let go
of my weather dread,
as if I don’t want to be caught
Learning to live with unpredictable,
extreme weather
and the disasters that come with it,
is part of life now.
It’s important to make it a central focus
of our lives
because all on the planet are suffering.
We must do everything we can
to conserve energy
and make even sacrificial changes
to cut our carbon emissions
so that all can thrive.
we can also enjoy