I see that grasshoppers
like the leaves
of the Milk Thistle.
What an inspired

The sunflower plant—
they blanket the place this year—
climbs seven feet tall,
puts out giant leaves
along the stalk,
and at the top,
a few small blossoms
Not everything
has to be efficient.

Same with this native prairie flower—
a bouquet of dainty yellow blossoms
atop a five-foot stalk of green,
stickery leaves.


The second family of six guineas
has finally found its way
out of the barn.
They wander the yards
eating grasshoppers
and are pretty good
at almost finding their way
back into the barn at night.

DSCN0475  DSCN0478  DSCN0479

The older guinea family
is a rowdy bunch:
their squawking is sometimes
so loud
I laugh right out loud;
males now have elaborate fights,
and the females
are determined
to raise another family.
Found a guinea nest
under the apple tree,
amidst the poison ivy
and Chinaberry sprouts.
17 eggs.
Her partner,
and maybe a sister,
take her out for grasshopper feasts
then keep her company
while she sits,