DSCN0530Fair family arrival

They couldn’t help but notice
the grasshoppers
when they arrived.
A stroll out to the hermitage,
even in the mown grass,
brought them up-close-and-personal
as the bugs
flew around them,
crashed into them.
The children
were a little taken aback—
who wouldn’t be?
But only briefly.

Compelled by the freedom
to explore the wide open spaces,
a tipi,
a straw bale hermitage,
the barns where the animals live,
the animals,
the prairie,
a farm pond,
the star-filled night sky,
the grasshoppers became
only a game.
After meeting the young guinea fowl—
too young to leave their pen in the barn—
the young humans
began catching grasshoppers for them.
Jar in hand,
they chased and caught
and brought them to the guineas.
The children dumped the cache of grasshoppers—
enough for each guinea to have a couple each—
before the guineas.
The grasshoppers laid there
on the ground,
But as the hoppers awakened
and began hopping,
the guineas
all went after the same one!
The children noticed this,
and noticed the victor,
then imitated the young guinea
with a grasshopper hanging out its mouth.
happy in nature—
our hearts
are happy too.





Fair family meeting alpaca