On August 9,
I wrote in my nature journal:
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say this—9 August—is the first day of fall. Cool breeze, all day, from north, even in sunshine.”
The next morning,
August 10,
it was 63 degrees.
Friends and neighbors
are noticing too,
many signs of autumn
these uncommon—
normally scorching—
August days.
Now we’re confident,
saying it right out loud
to each other.
Summer’s flora,
has yet to fade,
most summer residents are still here,
but there is distinctive change,
fall is in the air.

Swallows have left a friend’s place.
Orb Spinners are out
a good month early.
Butterflies are migrating through.
Nights are cool.
Perhaps most telling,
is autumn light;
at 2 in the afternoon,
shadows fall
as if it’s 4.
And would you look at that
harvest moon!



Question Mark Butterfly

DSCN0817Camberwell Beauty
(Last year, they arrived in September)

DSCN0820Orb Spinner
(Normally they’re doing this in October)

DSCN0831Almost full moon

DSCN0836Next night (last night,) full