I want to invite you, my fellow human being, to take up the challenge that is ours in this particular moment in human history, the invitation to transformation that will change the way our species lives…I would like to suggest ways that we may walk through this new terrain together. We have no maps, nothing but the inner directions that seem to emerge as we engage the questions and risk moving toward the dream. Together we will learn where and how to go.

We must engage the new vision that is emerging within and among us with urgency. We haven’t much time to turn things around. And turnaround will come not from an extraordinary rescue by an extraordinary deity. As we may have heard before, we are the ones we are waiting for. This is not to say that the Holy One is not present. On the contrary, it is because the Holy One is present that we are invited and challenged to respond. Karl Rahner said that we are ‘pressured’ from within to evolve. That pressure is what we have always called the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit is creatively at work in this moment, urging us to evolve, to become a new kind of human being such as the world has rarely seen before. But what has been rare must now become commonplace.

Judy Cannato
Field of Compassion.
How the New Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual Life