Meditation is basic
to life.
Not that it’s always easy.
But it’s basic
to life.
Because meditation practices are limitless,
discovering the many
and choosing the one
for any given phase
or day
or time in life
is a compelling process.
We offer a day-retreat
to explore
meditation practices
from many traditions
and teachers.
And, because we have a labyrinth
mowed onto the top of the prairie,
we include that in the day’s
This retreat will include
experiencing meditations
that help us realize
our interconnectedness
with all life on the planet.
All are welcome
to join us
Saturday, 21 September.
Click on the link to register: our website.
Or, go to turtlerockfarmretreat.com
and click on “Calendar of Workshops and Retreats.”

One of our teachers is Judy Cannato, in her book Field of Compassion:

Because the brain filters and interprets reality in a split-brained way, we tend to see things as separate and opposed, rather than as connected…At a deep level, the dual structure of our brain, in conjunction with brain lateralization, predisposes us to see and experience ourselves as separate from, and often in opposition to, the rest of the world…the more the hemispheres are in balance, the greater the sense of the ‘elegant interconnectedness between us and everything else.’

Meditation helps eliminate lateralization…Done consistently over time, the sense of separation will begin to diminish, replaced by an increased awakening to a connectedness to all that is.

As we progress through the stages of psychological development, we undergo shifts in our worldview. These shifts amount to both a growing sense of wholeness and a more inclusive embrace of the world. As we grow, an ever deepening sense of connectedness grows as well, until finally, we reach a state of cosmic consciousness in which we live out of the perception that all life is fundamentally a single reality, a state of nonduality. Having more and more human beings come to this stage of development could have a tremendous impact on the work in which we live…meditation can be a vehicle that takes us to these higher stages of human development.