DSCN1141Katy and Chris, suited up to visit the bees

DSCN1145Pulling out a super full of honey

DSCN1149Gently blowing the bees off the super

DSCN1152Katy breaking the caps on the comb


DSCN1156Separating the honey from the comb

DSCN1158First of the honey, pre-filtering

DSCN1159Katy and Chris, building a new super

Last weekend, we got a preview
of the honey harvest.
Two curious, courageous ones
came to Ann’s beekeeping workshop
to learn how to establish
honeybees at their place.
The hives here are almost ready
to be removed for harvest,
so Katy and Chris
got to remove the honey
from one hive,
spin it,
filter it,
and take home a jar full!
After their first lesson
in building hives
and caring for bees,
they are eager to begin
next spring.

The real honey harvest
will be in about a week.
If you’re interested in joining
the festivities
and helping out,
call 580.725.3411.