DSCN1300Rainy Morning


DSCN1298Guineas feasting on grasshoppers in wet Johnson Grass

DSCN1297A Drenched Guinea

Despite uncommon summer rains,
the soil here on the plains
of north central Oklahoma
has yet to take in moisture deeply.
While rains have brought lush growth
to native plants and forbs—
sunflowers, ragweed, snow-on-the-mountain,
Johnson grass are epic—
trees are still lacking moisture
and without frequent rain
water level in ponds diminishes
and the soil begins to crack,
indicating we are barely
out of that “exceptional-extreme drought.”
So this morning,
while parts of Colorado flood,
we here on the plains
welcome rain.
A thunderstorm in the night
brought an inch
and this morning
we relish a gentle, steady rainfall.
Everything looks better.
Bleached blades of Johnson grass
turn red and rust.
Sunflowers bend.
Water drips from tree leaves.
Raindrops sit
on blades of grass.
Puddles form.
Guinea fowl
Crickets continue their song.
The breeze cools,
from the East.
The prairie