In the high tunnel garden


Meeting Red Wiggler Worms

Learning about bees


DSCN1242Feeding the paca boys

DSCN1245Hanging out with the animals

Tour of the straw bale hermitage

DSCN1254Meeting Maizey


Lunch on the porch

DSCN1258Eating farm-grown tomatoes and cantaloupe

Freedom to explore



Children from our local school
in Billings
came for a visit to the farm
last week.
Billings is a farming community;
still, only one of these 17 children
lives on a farm. So, it was pretty much
all new to them…
We call it our “Poop Tour.”
They met the alpacas,
the Red Wiggler worms,
the pygmy goats,
chickens and guineas—and learned
how all their poop
one way or another
helps grow the garden
from which they could eat
fresh tomatoes and cantaloupe.
(How the bees help too.)
And how giving the kitchen scraps
to the chickens and worms
and feeding the alpaca
helps produce the poop.
But the best part of their trip for us—
as always—was watching them enjoy
the freedom
to explore and play
in the natural world
that is their home.

If you have a children or student group
you want to bring to the farm,
let us know. The free visit

is funded by the Oklahoma
Disciples of Christ Foundation.