hard as it is to swallow,
we know now
that making personal
or collective changes
in the ways we humans live
so that all on the planet
is not going to be easy—
to put it most simply.
To sustain—
or even initiate—
we have to go deep.
More than a change of heart,
coming to live so that all thrive
requires a change perspective,
a change of consciousness.
And how in the world
are we to do that!?
Wonderful wise teachers
have been involved for many years
in helping us
change our understanding
and stand in support with each other
as we decide—step-by-step—
to choose and live the values
that will eventually
re-create this interdependent, living system
into the world in which we want to live,
a world where all life can thrive.
It sounds daunting.
But it is not impossible
and here at Turtle Rock Farm,
we are engaged in
inviting people into this great work
of change.
Our last Saturday retreat of 2013—
there will be much more in 2014—
invites participants into the experiences
that help us (gently) process our feelings
about the health of the planet,
come to understand the interdependent system
that we are part of
and choose the values, the next steps
we want to take and live in our life

Active Hope—The Work That Reconnects
is Saturday, November 16.
Come experience the transformative teachings
of Joanna Macy, John Seed, Margaret Wheatley and others.
Come experience the kind of hope
that can carry us forward.
Register here: www.turtlerockfarmretreat.com