20121111_141831Turtle Rock Farm Table at Peace Festival, Years Passed

For 28 years
the Oklahoma Peace House
has held a Peace Festival
this time of year.
Organizations active in social justice,
human service, human rights,
environmental sustainability
and peace
provide information
and fair trade and homemade goods.
Proceeds from holiday shopping
at the organizations’ tables
go to support the organizations’
good work.
There is also music,
food, and children’s activities.
Turtle Rock Farm
will be there!
Come say hello,
learn more about
and support what we do.
At our table you will find
our photo greeting cards,
Mr. Darcy’s and Biak’s alpaca yarn,
native pecans
and tshirts.
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
Hall of Mirrors,
Civic Center—
201 N. Walker—
Oklahoma City.