DSCN1961Living Room Windows

There still will be mornings
warm enough—
with blanket,
hot tea—
to sit on the porch
and watch everyone
wake up.
But not many;
there’s a better chance
for front-porch sitting
later in the day,
when it’s still warm enough
to watch the birds
come in for
Winter birds aren’t eating
from the feeders yet,
even though
the Cornell Backyard Feeder Count
started this week.

It’s a transition time,
from spending much of the time
to coming in
and watching the world
through windows.
I’ve hung and filled birdfeeders.
I’ve brought in the porch plants
and rearranged indoor chairs
so they face windows.
There’s a sadness
to coming in.
But the seasons
are part of a cycle
of life and death
and knowing that
is gift too.