Gathering with friends and family,
each preparing something scrumptious
for a festive meal..
conversations that range
from warm to hot
and back to warm again..
stories that evoke laughter
and sentimental tears…
but nothing human
could celebrate more richly
than a walk into Thanksgiving Day’s golden hour.

Still air
cools as Earth rolls up
and will soon hide the sun…
grasses glisten…


birds sing and flit
on Cedar tree branches;
Meadowlarks serenade in the meadow,
then grow silent; one sits
atop a fence post, in the quiet,
the bronze light…

And then…
this evening,
there is an uncommon
sight: a “sundog” rainbow
in a bank of clouds
just before Earth rolls up
and tucks sun away for the evening—
this evening,
this Thanksgiving evening.