DSCN2131House Finch

DSCN2144Downy Woodpeckers

DSCN2173Red-Bellied Woodpecker


DSCN2199Male Cardinal

DSCN2206White-Crowned Sparrow

DSCN2209Male Eastern Bluebird

I yearn
to be outside,
watching the winter birds
from the front porch,
where I could be closer,
hear them chatter
and sing.
a cold window separates
When I bundle up
and step ever-so-carefully
out onto the front porch,
they instantly take flight.

I have to let go
of what I want;
accept what is;
be grateful
they come;
enjoy them silently,
through the window
and—closer than I can get personally
to winter birds—
through a camera lens.

Still, I crave closeness,
And so it is
that in the cold season
of distance
and silence,
I watch from afar,
taking the chance now
to practice settling alongside
the sweet song