DSCN1893Lettuce and Greens in High Tunnel in October

There have been shocking experiences
in the high tunnel greenhouse lately.
Noticing field mice
scampering around,
Ann set a live trap—
and caught one.
Another day,
she moved a large tub of shredded paper
and about ten mice frantically ran around
the tub. Some escaped our capture
and some were moved to a new location,
more than a mile away.
These field mice are living the lush life,
coming and going from the prairie to the warmer high tunnel;
somehow stretching their furry gray/brown bodies
up to munch on/devour kale—
beautiful kale,
which Ann grows not only for ourselves
but for the barn-bound chickens, guineas
and rabbits.
Now we know: mice love kale too.
And lettuce.
Ann continues to trap them—
she’s relocated ten so far—
and she’s building sand bags
to lay around the base of the high tunnel,
to keep them on the prairie.