January ‘s Saturday retreats
are coming up soon.
January 18,
Ann will lead the Beekeeping Workshop.
It’s always a lot of fun,
as people dawn bee suits
and get a close look at the bees
in the hives,
discover the fascinating lives
of bees,
learn how to build
and maintain beehives,
and taste the best honey
in the world.
Beekeeping is at a critical point
in the world,
as habitat loss and other environmental dangers
threaten the rapidly declining bee population .
With one of every three human bites of food
keeping bees helps sustain the food system.

January 25,
Pat will lead the
Living Mindfully in the Presence retreat.
This ancient spiritual practice
is being learned and practiced
extensively now by many
in our fast-paced,
over-the-top stressed
contemporary society.
She will invite participants
into several mindfulness practices
that help us connect
with our truest selves,
each other,
the natural world
and the Source of Life and Goodness.
At a time when the culture
and the world
are facing much turmoil,
this inner work
seems even more critical
as we learn to support each other
through the turbulence of our time.

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