I see them flying
across the sky
several times a day.
First I hear the honking,
so I look in the direction of the sound,
though sometimes I’m not sure which
direction the sound is. Tricky wind.
I never tire
of seeing them in their lopsided v,
honking, flapping,
moving quickly,
so I always stop and look
Sometimes there are multiple flocks,
and lots of honking.
But yesterday morning,
it was a single v,
a small one,
low and right overhead.
They were flying south to north
as the sun was just making a full showing
and it lighted on the Canada Goose bellies
as they flew at exactly the best angle
for their white feathers to glow
and their dark feathers
to take on a tinge of orange
along that line where they connect
with the white ones.
And though they were flying at their normal
quick pace,
I was so in the moment with them,
experiencing nothing
except their fluid beauty,
that they seemed to slow motion—
and I rose into
a flight of sheer joy.
Sunshine and flying geese,
coming together in a moment;
unknowing gift-givers,
just doing what they do.