Taking a Composting Barrel Out for a Stroll

To be honest,
today was a day
when Simpler Living
seemed not as simple.
Vermi-composting bins
needed attention.
It was time to spread buckets
of alpaca manure on the garden.
The composting bucket
was full of kitchen scraps which had to be taken out
to the composting bin—
plus, it needed some brown material,
and turning.
Kind of a one-thing-led-to-another
sort of not-so-simpler-day.
And with the wind—
the blessed wind, or TBW,
as our friends the Blakeleys
call the Oklahoma wind—
everything was a little harder.
Clothes snapped—
as did some clothespins—
in TBW.

So, you should know this
(probably, you already do)
about Simpler Living.
Even so,
we must do what we can
to live simpler:
…use less fossil fuel
(and there are gobs of ways
to do that)
…reuse stuff
…buy less stuff
…make your own stuff
…ban chemicals
…use less water
the list goes on longer
than I have.
And though these things make
for a simpler life,
it doesn’t mean they’re easier.
In fact,
in the beginning of changing any habit,
they’re not.
Just as you suspected, right?
That’s why we have a Simpler Living Retreat.
we look at our culture’s habits,
our own habits,
why we must change,
what we want to change next,
and support each other
as we do.
We’ll do this next,
on Saturday, February 1.
You can sign up here,
or go to the calendar
on our website:

Even on the days
it seems challenging,
living simpler—
so all can have a better chance
at living—
is worth it,
and feels
very satisfying.