OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeaver Dam and Wetland on Doe Creek, January 2010

For twenty years
beavers lived on Doe Creek,
at the southern most point
of our farm.
Their lodge helped slow
the flow of the creek
and created a wide wetlands
just above the 20-foot-long
pile of branches
that covered their home.
Drought dried
even the wetland
a couple of years ago
and the beavers had to leave.
With some relief from the drought,
the wetland is filling again,
as is that part of Doe Creek,
though both are far from full.
Sadly, beavers have not returned.

Beaver Tracks


Fresh cuttings along the north side of the Big Pond

DSCN2717Beaver Teeth Marks

Beavers have,
however, taken up residence
at the Big Pond.
It’s been a few years since
they were active here.
Now we find their paw prints
along the north edge of the pond,
just east of the fresh cuttings
they’re making in a grove
of young willows, pond-side.
We have yet to locate their lodge
and are hoping it is on one of the islands.
The Cypress trees planted on the islands,
are safe from beaver housing projects,
since the mammals don’t like
sinking their teeth into them.
One of these warm, windless days
we will take out a kayak
and make another attempt
at locating the lodge.
we’ll have to consider
wrapping fencing around trees
we want to protect.
One other happy consideration:
If the beavers create problems
at the Big Pond,
maybe we can trap them
and move them back
to their abandoned lodge on Doe Creek!