The Shy Ones


Cochin Hen


Cochin Hen


White-Tailed Rooster, Crows-a-Lot, but will probably live longest



Rooster that Attacks

DSCN2804Rooster that Attacks (on left.)

The youngest chickens
have all grown up now.
Roosters are crowing,
and fertilizing eggs.
Hens have begun
to lay eggs—
lovely small ones
The fanciest—
two Cochin hens—
are gorgeous:
thick with feathers,
all the way down to the ground.
They are shy,
and hang out
(with another hen
and a Guinea Hen)
in the corners of the coop
as well as the corner in their outside pen.
Among the newest ones
are four—yes, four—
roosters. One harassed the hens
so much, he was removed from that community
and placed in the barn,
where he is harassed,
by the Alpha Guinea
and pretty much hides all day
in the other side of the coop.
The other three roosters
are still with their original
coop-mates. One,
with “rose” comb,
has already attacked Ann.
A white-tailed one crows most of the day,
but is more placid—
which probably will extend his life.
do we tire
of watching these beautiful creatures,
observing their habits,
the dynamics of their community;
enjoying and sharing fresh eggs,
rooster stews.