Boy Scout Troop on sustainability tour in the high tunnel greenhouse…


…exploring tracks in dry Doe Creek…

…meeting the paca boys…

…scooping precious alpaca poop…


…enjoying the warmth of the straw bale hermitage.

In between bouts of frigid weather,
a troop of Boy Scouts arrived
from Oklahoma City
for their winter visit.
It is their second time to come inside
during the winter
and spend a good deal of their time here
helping us with big projects.
Two years ago
they cleaned out piles of dead trees
washed down the creek bed
during years of spring floods.
This year,
after their morning
sustainability tour,
they planted trees
in the holes Ann and Frank
had prepared
in between the swales and berms
on the hill above the big pond.
It wasn’t warm—
cloudy skies;
the wind whipping over the hillside,
as usual—
but it wasn’t freezing.
And in two hours
they worked out a system
of working together
and planted about 100 trees.


Ann shows the Scouts how deeply to plant the trees.


Filling water jugs.


Planting between swales, which slow rain water so that it can soak into the prairie.

We are grateful to the Scouts—
and hope that the snow
that fell yesterday
insulates the new trees
from today’s
frigid winds.