One of the pods at Oakcreek Senior Co-Housing Community,
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s first and only
co-housing community
is in Stillwater:
Oakcreek Senior Co-Housing Community.
It was delightful
to spend the weekend with these
wonderful people; people committed
to the Danish-inspired concept
of collaborative community.
They have built a lovely neighborhood
of 24 homes creekside in Stillwater,
centered around a “Common House,”
the social hub of life together.
Sharing the work of community,
residents make major decisions by consensus.
They are a sustainable community as well:
many green building practices,
including geo-thermal and reduced water use;
recycling, composting, native planting….

Brainstorming the ways of the Great Turning to a Life-Sustaining Society

Laying down the Cosmic Walk

Making the Cosmic Walk—the story of the universe

Playing the Open Systems Game

Being led blindly in the Mirror Walk

DSCN2950During the Mirror Walk, at Oakcreek

People already extremely conscious
of their carbon footprint on the planet,
and committed to living as a sustainable community,
they set aside last weekend
to explore how they can more deeply
live their values.
We were happy to introduce them
to Joanna Macy’s teachings
around “The Work that Reconnects”—
ways to grow the understanding
of our interdependence, our connectedness
with the great web of life
of which we are a part;
an on-going perspective change,
that helps us help heal the planet.

DSCN2955The Oakcreek Community, at the end of the retreat

So often,
here at Turtle Rock Farm,
we are thrilled when children
connect with the natural world
and learn about their planet home.
It is a thrill as well
to be with these seniors,
who have made a great commitment
to do the work
of living sustainably,
of helping to heal the planet.
Thank you all!