It is a privilege
to participate in the fourth
in a series of annual symposiums
at Oklahoma City University.
Creative Peacemaking:
Systemic Approaches for a More Peaceful Planet
is this week—
Friday and Saturday,
March 7-8.
These symposiums have been remarkable—
not only the inspiring information,
but working togetherthrough creative processes
to develop action plans.
Speakers this year
include Oklahoma’s Peace House director
Nathaniel Batchelder,
United Methodist Church and Society General Secretary
Neal Christie,
Founding organizer of the Industrial Areas Foundation
Ernesto Cortes,
UN consultant and graduate school professor of public service
Robertson Work.
I am glad to be invited to tell the story of the work
and discoveries as we strive at Turtle Rock Farm
to recognize the peace that remains on the prairie
and approaches to the environmental peacemaking
that must continue.
Here’s the link to register.
Hope to see you there!