We got word
of an eagle nest
about six miles from here
down on the creek,
in an area rarely traveled
because of road conditions.
This morning,
I found them.
An adult kept watch
on a branch higher
and to one side
of the wide nest,
built in the fork of a tall tree
along Red Rock Creek.

Eagle nest is in lower center portion of photo.

DSCN3209Eagle parent can barely be seen in tree fork above and to the right of the nest.

Closeup of nest

I couldn’t see into the nest,
but I could hear the babes,
perhaps startled by the sound
of the pickup truck motor.
They quieted after a little bit
and then the adult
took flight,
made a wide pass over the treeline
and settled at the very top of a tree
where it talked,
most of the time,
for the next half-hour.
It was a creaky, croaky
The youngsters never
made a peep
while the parent

it moved again,
lower into the trees,
but kept calling.
before I left,
it moved again.
And as I was driving away
I saw in the sky
a second adult Bald Eagle.
It flew toward the trees
where the family nests,
floated above them
several passes,
then sailed out over the prairie,
higher and higher
into the blue sky,
finally out of sight again.

The parent guarding the nest
never moved.
I was already too far away
to hear
if there was conversation
between the adults.
I would like to observe them
for hours.
But I hope
all the calling
wasn’t because I was so near,
though that would be