Northwest 23rd Street in Oklahoma City

While we hope—
eventually, over time—
to welcome “everyone”
to spend time with us
here on the Oklahoma prairie,
watching the sky, sun, stars;
walking the prairie, the creek;
making retreats;
taking sustainability workshops,
we know
that “everyone”
won’t come.
And, dedicated to the important work
of helping people connect, reconnect,
with the natural world
of which we are a part,
we are glad to take our work
to the city.
So, on Sunday, March 30,
we will join Transitions OKC
(a program of Green Connections)
at Open Streets OKC.

For decades, cities across the globe have opened their streets to communities. Sure, it goes by different names – Open Streets, Ciclovia, Summer Streets, Circle the City, the list goes on and on – but they all have the same goal: promoting active transportation as part of a strong, active and healthy community.

Open Streets OKC is neither a block party nor a themed festival, neither a concert nor a parade, neither a race nor a party – although it’s a bit of all of them.

Open Streets OKC is an opportunity to experience a new use of public space: a temporary reclamation of our streets for non-motorized activity. Open Streets OKC will create a long enough stretch of safe road that kids and adults can (at least for a few hours) get a good workout by jogging or cycling, moving between nodes of activity along the way.


We love this event—
people gathering together on foot and bikes
to enjoy the city—
and we love the way it’s come about:
groups who care
about healthy life on the planet
coming together,
forming a coalition
and creating a wonderful opportunity
for exploring and enjoying
city life.


DSCN1276Cosmic Walk

Transition OKC
will be helping people
make pollinator-friendly
clay seed balls.
And we will help people
make the Cosmic Walk,
which is an experiential telling
of the wondrous, expanding
universe story.
There will be lots of other
activities as well—
from noon to 4 p.m.
The street that will be “open”—
that is, closed
except to walkers and bikers—
is Northwest 23rd Street
between Western and Robinson.
Transition OKC
and Turtle Rock Farm
will be two blocks east of Western,
on the corner of Francis Street.
see us,
enjoy time with community,
walk city streets!

That’s Open Streets OKC
Sunday, March 30,
noon to 4 p.m.
NW 23rd Street
between Western and Robinson.
TransitionOKC and Turtle Rock Farm
the corner of 23rd and Francis.