It’s a gift
when the people who write
the books that are meaningful to you
come to share their wisdom
in person.
A group of friends
who read and discussed together
one of John Philip Newell’s books,
traveled to Tulsa this week
for a mini-retreat with him.
Traveling with a group of dear friends,
gathering with lots of other people
who appreciate Newell’s Celtic spirituality;
being in the presence of a wise,
gentle-humored soul
to share in meditations
and reflect on his thoughts
is life-giving.

These thoughts
I want to continue to hold:

The deeper we move into our being, the closer we come to one another, and all life.

How do we bring our Essence forth? By blessing; bringing blessing. It’s transformative. Speak blessing to the Essence of each other.

And speak ‘no’ to injustice—for Earth, others.

We are undergirded by constant return to blessing the heart of other…Bless wisdom, which is deeper than the ignorance of what we’ve done.

We will not be weaker by having secondary roots in other traditions. They don’t compete, but complete us.

Wholeness is bringing back into relationship what has been torn apart—everything that has being.