Spring blew in last night.
After a little rain
(a few drops in the gauge)
and a blustery day yesterday,
temperature started rising
from 43 degrees about 6 p.m.
and by midnight,
it was up to 50.
The wind started to blow
and by 8 a.m.,
it was 60 degrees.
All the seed and grain
had blown out of the bird feeders,
which were still hanging,
sideways ,
in the great gusts.
I took them down.

The air was balmy.
I could smell rain.
But dark, early-morning clouds
changed to spring-like puffs.
The wind continues to blow strong,
with gusts up to 43 miles per hour.
We may still get one more
winter blast,
but spring is here.

Pearl, the pgymy goat,
too tempted by the greener grass
on the other side,
has finally revealed
where she is escaping the pen.
She has found her way along
the alpaca pen
to the place in the fence
where there are only two layers
of fencing.
Now, we have to add
a stronger, third.
It will require
a major fence-mending effort—
sign of spring.