We hear this often:
something like…”I recycle,
I changed all my light bulbs,
I do other things,
but it doesn’t seem to help.
The planet is warming;
there’s still one climate disaster
after another.”
And we can relate:
it’s easy to be overwhelmed
and paralyzed—
global warming seems
to be unstoppable
and our efforts seem
too little
too late.DSCN0778

At Work That Reconnects Retreat in New Mexico

Last August,
I attended a retreat in New Mexico
where I learned
The Work That Reconnects—
teachings and experiences
that help us come to know
our interdependence
with all life on the planet.
Coming to know
that that matters;
coming to know
that doing what we do
is how new emerges,
I have found the kind of hope
that sustains me
through the challenges
we humans and all life
experience now,
due to economic
and environmental destruction.
It is hope
founded in action.

I’ve learned better
how living systems work
and that everything we do—
because of that interdependence—
does matter.
In fact, living our values
is the most important thing we can do.
This is no time
to be overwhelmed and paralyzed.
New emerges
from the values we live.

Joanna Macy has been teaching
The Work That Reconnects
for 40 years. Using her work,
with input from Margaret Wheatley‘s
and Carolyn Baker‘s writings,
we offer a day away,
a retreat,
to begin to learn The Work
That Reconnects
and the steps to take
toward Active Hope.

Joining us that day
is another of Joanna’s students,
who has experienced many
Work That Reconnects trainings.
We met her at the retreat in New Mexico.
She is a native Oklahoman
returning for a visit,
and we are very glad
she will be with us
and are grateful for her sharing.
Join us
for a heartening day
It’s Saturday, April 12.
To register,
go to our website’s calendar.