We enjoy the
four Lion-head rabbits who free-range,
in the barn,
(we brought them to the farm
to use their manure
for the vermicomposting bins—
that’s the manure the worms prefer!)
Hoping for greens,
they greet us when we enter the barn.
They eat kale from our hands,
and we tuck some into their burrows
so the chickens don’t eat all of it.
They get along fine with the chickens
and guineas
nibbling alongside them
when we scatter corn-based
chicken scratch out for all.
Their manure is scattered everywhere
in the barn now,
so it is mixed in with hay and chicken manure
and spread in gardens.
We love seeing them,
enjoying them,
feeding them.
In fact, Frank neutered them,
so we aren’t overrun,
and so they can stay.

DSCN3296Cottontail Rabbits During Mating Dance


These first days of spring,
I have also been enjoying
the Cottontails that hang out
by the cedars surrounding the grain bins.
This seems to be their home.
They are not afraid of humans.
I can get fairly close to them—
not by intention,
but accidentally. One even came
up to the birdfeeding area next to the porch
in bright daylight
and sat still while I shot its portrait.
They are doing their mating dances,
hopping high
and twirling in mid-air.
Would be glad
for these babes!