Two Oikos scholars
and their faculty sponsor
spent Sunday afternoon
with us.
Oikos (the Greek word for house)
is a program at Oklahoma City University
that aspires to prepare students
to engage in lives of social
and ecological responsibility.
Joe Meinhart brought
Collin and Zander,
amazing young men
well on their way
to living lives,
doing work,
that engenders care
and sustainability.
Exploring the prairie
on a cloudy, almost-chilly
April afternoon,
they discovered a couple of Baltimore Oriole’s nests,
a wasp nest with a wasp larva (though dead)
still in one of the cells.

Standing at a buffalo wallow,
they reflected on the great prairie hydrology system
that existed when 60 million buffalo
existed on the prairie
(plus nature’s other prairie hydrologists:
prairie dogs, and beavers.)
They were enthralled watching bees
at the apiary,
where they wondered why a pollen-laden bee
was walking in the grass
and observed the clever placement
of a spider web between two hive boxes.


They met the alpaca boys
and the goats;
toured the straw bale hermitage,
the high tunnel’s year-round garden.
And finally, they made the cosmic walk.


Eyes asparkle,
they tried to grasp more deeply
that they are made of stardust.
Not hard for us to see!