Fossilized mud flats, from the last time the prairie at Turtle Rock Farm was an ocean.

…We’re really conservative as a species. We don’t like change. This is true at the level of self, relationships and social systems. If we can avoid evolving, we will. And it’s killing us, quite literally. We’re on the brink of another economic crisis, and yet we refuse, because of ideology, to allow our economic system to evolve. We’re on the brink of ecological destruction, and yet we refuse to make the shift to a green economy, fund research and development for new technology, consider alternative manufacturing models, and then, as consumers, actually take a chance, for example, on an electric car…The crisis we are facing is nature’s way of helping us step outside of how embedded we are in the social, political, economic and self-systems that do not have sufficient complexity to help us take our next evolutionary step…

..Everything in the universe is caught up in an impulse to transcend itself. This is simply a condition of the universe, and since you are the universe having a human experience, you are the part of the universe that is able to consciously engage in the project of self-transcendence. That’s what your freedom is for. That’s what God wants of you. Become a better, fuller, freer, more loving expression of yourself (in community with others) and thereby serve the evolution of the universe…

—Bruce Sanguin
The Advance of Love. Reading the Bible
with an Evolutionary Heart