Sunday mid-afternoon,
temperature dropped from 83
to 65
and storm clouds darkened
as I drove west,
towards home.
Rain and hail pummeled
all for miles.
At home,
I emptied only three drops
from the gauge.
Monday morning,
snow blew almost horizontally
from the north
for a couple of hours.


A sunny close to the day that began with two hours of snow, falling almost horizontally

Early Monday evening,
we covered all blossoms
and tender plants
that we could
and set an alarm for 2 a.m.
to watch the lunar eclipse.


The full moon rose pink
just as sun was disappearing
in the west.
In the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday,
it turned orange
as it moved in
and out
of Earth’s shadow
during a complete eclipse.

DSCN3461Temperature dropped to 26
Tuesday morning,
as Robin sang atop the pecan tree,
and Yellow-Headed Blackbirds
had breakfast in the sun.
Busy days,
simply observing!