Because Green Connections’ Earth Day Festival
is on Saturday, April 19,
you have another opportunity—
on the official Earth Day,
Tuesday, April 22—
to plan to attend
an Earth Day Rally
for Climate Change Action.
Sponsored by our friends
at The Peace House,
Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign,
Citizens Climate Lobby,
and Peace Education Institute,
it’s at the Oklahoma State Capitol’s South Plaza,
5:30 to 7 p.m.

Earth Day week
is a fitting time to consider
what actions, changes
in your life you will take
this year
to help create a sustainable life
for all.
Here’s a list to consider,
provided by Nathaniel Batchelder,
director of the Peace House
in Oklahoma City:

– Ask a minister/priest/rabbi for a message on Harmony with Nature/Earth
– Write a brief  “Letter To the Editor”
– Contact a Congress Member and communicate:
“GlobalWarming is Real & Man-Made. Do Something!”
– Challenge a house-of-worship and/or school to adopt a “Green” practice
– Check out the website:  <350.org>
– Lead a discussion on Global Climate Change (Or ask us at Turtle Rock Farm to help with that.)
– Switch to LED light bulbs – more efficient than compact flourescent bulbs… and they last much longer.
– Plant trees, bushes, or ground-cover not needing to be mowed
– Plant a vegetable garden.  Conserves lots of energy.
– Consider Vegetarianism
Conserves lots of energy.   Contact Vegetarian Society of OK http://vegok.org/ for a presentation
– Recycle what you can. (Home recycling in OKC is less than 20%)
Conserves natural resources. Saves energy. Reduces pollution.
Oklahoma Sierra Club http://oklahoma2.sierraclub.org/
Okla. City Sierra Club—http://oklahoma.sierraclub.org/cimarron/



We also encourage
water conservation,
solar cooking,
spending time in nature,
giving children a chance to lead exploration
in nature.
Find a “Sit Spot”—
a place you can go to daily
to watch what’s happening
in the “neighborhood.”
Learn about your bioregion.
Take a hike or walk weekly,
observing the natural world.
Take a workshop at Turtle Rock Farm
or ask us to present a program or retreat
for your group.
Every day
is Earth Day.