Our friend Dave Conrad
leads the Earth Drum Circle
annually at our Earth Day Festival.
It starts with laughter
and moves towards
as Dave invites us to speak
through the drum
and collectively;
as we listen to our inner rhythm
and connect with the group’s changing rhythms.
That happened again this year.
And then Dave joined
George, Sylvan and Dale
in the round-top barn,
with its wonderful acoustics,
and they played sweet music
into the day.
(This all happened
after the skunk’s early-morning visit.)
Now, Dave sends a poem—
“Earth Day”—
that we’d like to share:

Arched timbers, there for half a dozen decades,
Keep aloft the sky of sheets of corrugated steel,
That crown this cathedral’s bales of hay,
Bags of feed, an old truck, a tractor.

Perfumed with grass, livestock and a resident,
Black with white stripe, seen leaving for the day.
This day celebrates the land that surrounds us,
Here to know the holy in a new way.

Calloused fingertips fret flat wound strings,
And the sound hole speaks, harmony’s voice,
Tells of years, stories  rhymed, words to notes,
Long hours seem timeless, lost with friends.

Each sound sent, from wood, steel,
Move the air, like breathing, whispering in our ears.
To memories only, never to be again alive,
Yet live forever, a group gathered, music shared.

Joy and sadness, sung to the earth, drums beat,
Resonance released, a celebration of our world.
Hope rejoined, that we find our best, for us,
For our world, journey together, dust to dust.