It is a wondrous thing
to know people
who call and say
something like,
May I come over
and would you take me to see
the eagle family?
It is a wondrous thing.
Susan came
and we drove down to Red Rock Creek
to see the eagle family.
Mom and Dad were not home.
The young ones stood tall
in the nest.
It is a wondrous thing to see
and there are no words.
Susan and I were mostly silent,
in awe
and reverence.


The Eagles nest
is on the “other side”
of Red Rock Creek
at a famous local spot
called “Hawkins Dip.”
It’s a steep decline
almost into the creek,
with only a flat, cracked slab of concrete
to travel over
to climb up the other steep side.
It was a wondrous thing
to discover two small boys
playing in the creek,
Huck-Finn style,
all the while
we watched the eagles.
A wondrous thing.