The surprises that come
in Spring
can be breathtaking.

Ann and Frank were walking along
the pond dam,
along the more remote,
more wooded,
northeast corner of the pond
when a moth on a tree
took their breath.
It was the biggest
they had ever seen.
Turns out,
the Hyalophora Cecropia
is the largest moth
in North America!


I was driving
as the sun was about to appear
in the east.
It was raining…raining!
Enough to use the windshield wipers!
Clouds in the east
made the sun’s appearance quite beautiful
and I was trying to pay attention
to the road
and look back over my shoulder
at the sky-sun-clouds.
When, suddenly,
a full-blown bright rainbow
appeared hugely
right on the road in front of me.
And a fainter sister
I called out…
and thrilled aloud again
when sun appeared fully
and turned all the landscape
to the west of the rainbow