We are delighted
that Jeannie Martin
will return to Turtle Rock Farm
for the third time
to offer a very special day together
experiencing our connection with the natural world
through the writing of haiku.
In her book, Clear Water,
Jeannie explains this nature poetry form:

Haiku is a simple, short poem that connects Nature and human nature. Haiku is a poem of direct, immediate experience. It is natural and uncluttered. Haiku convey a single event, perhaps a single moment, in all its fullness. Haiku focus on small details, perhaps those things that are often overlooked. These might be natural events or details that are hidden in plain sight. Haiku points to the extraordinary in the ordinary; often this is a small drama of Nature, something to wonder about; something that inspires. This gentle form can lift up everyday moments as we experience the sacred in everyday life.

We’ll get to read very old Japanese Haiku,
and more modern ones;
write haiku—
on our own
and in a group.
Jeannie’s long experience
writing and teaching haiku
affords even us beginners
a wonderful day
paying attention
to the natural world
and capturing moments
and surprises
with only a few simple words.

For instance:

flight of the raven
its tail feather
in my hand

And this:

the silence
between thunderclaps
even louder

One more:

face to face
with the moon

We hope you join us
Saturday, June 14.
You can find out more and register
on our website’s calendar.