Arriving at Red Rock Creek

Climbing Hawkins Dip

The Shepherds’ Retreat
typically follows a rhythm
of reading, silence,
group sharing, time at table
around food and liturgy.
This time,
the group broke that rhythm
and chose instead
to spend one reading/reflecting/silence session
at Red Rock Creek
It was a spectacular morning
observing the family.


One adult was in the nest
with the two young ones,
though we didn’t see the adult in the nest
until we noticed it later in the photographs.
Soon after we arrived
both adults flew away from the trees;
one, circled over us,
delivering some message
in that unmajestic, croaky tone,
then climbed into the sky,
joining its partner, floating higher.
We watched them eventually soar out of view.


The young ones stayed, motionless,
“like a gargoyle,” in the nest,
or nearby… We think one may have moved,
unseen by us,
to a branch, from the exchange we heard
between them,
in their more-squeaky croaks.

Two Young Eagles (one’s head barely visible on left)

It was the soaring—
wide wings spread fully,
rarely moving;
the floating in the sky,
that lifted our hearts
and made us glad
that we had put the book down,
and ventured out together
on a bright spring morning
along Red Rock Creek
to reflect on the simple,
at-home Bald Eagleness
of magnificence.