Ann’s met
the sometimes overwhelming
tasks of spring
with great energy
and graciousness.


Potato and tomato plants
are blossoming
in the high tunnel greenhouse.
(She’s had to figure out a different
watering system. The pump in the pond
that sends pond water to the garden
is below the water level,
in this extended drought. And with
only light sprinkles now and then,
rain barrels have yet to fill.)

Eleven chicks have been hatched
from the barn nest and incubator
and are about to be returned
to a bigger, safe pen on the outer
edge of the barn.

Buckets with small holes
have been set in place
to slowly water young fruit trees
as summer descends.

Swales and pocket ponds
on the hill below the labyrinth
are greening,
a hopeful sign—
in spite of the drought;
which was the point in creating them!—
for trees planted there late winter.

We are grateful
that Ann meets
with a glad heart
the considerable work
that is required for sustainable living.