I love the things in life
that surprise. Well, some of the things…
although, eventually, even the painful surprises
can result in gifts of inner growth,
however unwanted at the time.
One surprise I do love
is discovering that
things I never knew mattered,
These surprises I tend
to not recognize for the longest time,
since I don’t think they’re as important
as other things on my radar screen;
or don’t even know they’re on my radar screen!
But there is something about Life
that eventually breaks through
my distractions, my narrowness,
my blindness,
and shows me things that matter
a great deal.
This kind of surprise

The critical importance
of learning the evolutionary nature
of the story of the creation of the universe
is a surprise like that.
To even begin
to take in The Universe Story,
to begin to let it open
our lives
to the wonder
of our lives,
is critical for the future
of many species,
including our own.

Using the great teachings
of scientists, poets, spiritual teachers,
and the vast space of the once-upon-a-time-ocean
of a prairie,
we offer a day retreat
that helps people begin to know
The Universe Story
and reflect on how that impacts
our lives.
Join us,
Saturday, May 31
for Star Dust Tales:
The Universe Storyand how it impacts life today and tomorrow.
Contact us or visit the website
to find out how to register.