When we sat down by Lake Hefner,
sun poured on us
and we had to turn our backs
to the water.
The moment clouds covered the sun,
we noticed…
saw that the sun would be covered until
Earth rolled up and covered it,
so, turned our chairs back around,
looking west—
felt the cooling—
and continued our conversation.

Someone rang a cow bell
the moment Earth rolled up
and sun disappeared. (This had to be
guessed at, or Googled,
because clouds covered that moment.)
It’s a fine tradition,
to take note of the moment
we can see Earth’s movement;
to mark the end of day—
and quite unexpected in these times
of twitter and bling.


The lake took an evening tone
now, day energy seeping away.
Sailors were heading back,
wind-surfers let it rest.
Our conversation too was cooler,
less intense, with pauses…
to look at the changing colors in the sky…
point to the shades of blue on the water…
exclaim at a Great Blue Heron,
the elegant flight of a Great White Heron,
low, right in front of us…
there, Great White Heron fishing…
two Great White Herons.
In the dimming light,
the quieting evening,
a family of humans fish too;
there, in the shallows
not far from the big birds.


As the day parted,
so did we,
glad to have taken the time
at the lake
for cherished friendship.
I could hear Sam Baker singing:

Go in peace, go in kindness
Go in love, go in faith
Leave the day, the day behind us
Day is done, go in grace

Let us go into the dark
Not afraid, not alone
Let us hope by some good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home

Let us hope by some good pleasure
Safely to arrive at home