DSCN4287Jeannie Martin

DSCN4293Having Fun with Renga, Group Haiku-Writing


We are not alone here on our planet, but are deeply connected to our luminous, pulsating Earth. The Earth is alive, and all things known and unknown, living and seemingly inert are part and parcel of our collective experience. We are one with the natural world, and deeply a part of all things. This includes things of the sky as well as the Earth.

So, Jeannie Martin writes
in her book, Clear Water.
Last Saturday Jeannie was at Turtle Rock Farm,
leading a a retreat
in writing haiku,
a breath-long poem
that connects nature and human nature.
It’s Jeannie’s third time at the farm
and, as always, it was a fun and meaningful day,
connecting with life on the prairie
and each other.

One of the haiku poems she wrote
and published in her book:

diving into blue
and deeper blue

was very windy on the plains,
making waves on the Big Pond.
And this is one of the haiku
written during the retreat:

muddy waves
moon’s reflection
farm pond

Thank you Jeannie,
for reminding us to pay attention
to haiku moments
happening every moment.