Heading to the Pecan Grove

Ann and the sprayer

DSCN4313Compost Tea

There is a good chance
there will be a pecan harvest this year.
Ann is doing everything she can
to help it along—
and she’s using organic methods
rather than chemicals.
This week she is spraying the tree leaves
with a combination of zinc and compost tea,
to encourage growth of the leaves and the nuts.
The compost tea is made from
the nutritious castings of worms
who feasted on kitchen scraps and alpaca manure.
Added to water,
and stirred overnight (with a pump, not by hand!)
the vermi-compost makes
a great “tea.” Ann mixed it with zinc,
because the trees need that too,
and put it in a sprayer
attached to the tractor.
It is tedious work
but we have learned from Texans
who grow pecans organically
that the compost tea not only fertilizes
the trees,
but also discourages bugs
that might be tempted to feast on the nuts.
The spraying is tedious work for Ann,
but she holds the vision
of family and friends gathered
on a cool day in October
to bring in pecan harvest 2014!

DSC_0052The Last Pecan Harvest, in 2012