Though the temperature
hasn’t been as hot
as it often is in June,
the humidity has been high.
Working outside
means that there will be dripping.
Every pore
seems to ooze moisture
Even at 8:30 in the evening,
finished feeding and corraling
the barnyard ones,
I am dripping,


But. Now I can walk out
to the southwest corner
of the old round-top barn,
the corner of the barn
to which the prevailing breeze
peel off the damp work clothes,
feel the cool
(even after our first 100-degree July afternoon)
evening breeze,
and douse myself
in sun-drenched, hot water.

(Thank you, Tom Temple,
for setting up the solar shower again.)
I stand,
dripping again,
though clean now,
with a view to the west,
of lush green: sunflowers and Johnson grass
and, beyond, Doe Creek.

Sun is hidden
but the warmth of her,
the cool of the breeze
wash and dry me
for good sleep,
bathed now in the light
from half the moon.