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Sisters of Earth was founded in 1994 by several Catholic Sisters from the US and Canada who were engaged in exploring the new cosmology and implications for this emerging worldview. Sisters of Earth is an informal network of women who share a deep concern for the ecological and spiritual crises of our times and who wish to support one another in work toward healing the human spirit and restoring Earth’s life support systems. We are teachers, gardeners, artists, writers, administrators, workshop and retreat presenters, mothers, contemplatives and activists in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This network of sharing and support is open to all women whose life and work would identify them as Sisters of Earth.

Last weekend Sisters of Earth
got together, as we do every two years,
to support each other in each others’ work
to bring understanding
through engaging with people
as we come to know our interdependence
with and the evolution of
our life together with and in the cosmos.
We gathered at the lush green northeast Kansas campus
of the University of St. Mary, in Leavenworth,
where the Sisters of Charity have, over the years,
planted 1000 trees.
A weather-worn, giant Magnolia tree
was showing its first, fragrant pink blossoms.
Blooming Hibiscus and lilies were gorgeous.
Inside, at our tables, we brought artifacts
from our part of the planet,
sculpted new artifacts from clay
and daily misted a butterfly chrysalis.

Centerpieces at our table: a Turtle Rock Farm turtle rock (with a clay butterfly atop);
salt crystals from the Great Salt Plains, a trilobite (with a clay hat;)
leaf, pinecone, clay mouse…a Painted Lady chrysalis

Joan Brown with chrysalis

Some of the many knowledgable
and deeply committed Sisters of Earth
Pat Siemen reported on the first
World Ethics Tribunal on the Rights of Nature,
held in Quito, Ecuador last January.
Caroljean Willie presented
on Spirituality and Sustainability at the UN;
Lucy Slinger, on Ecological Advocacy;
Kathy Wright, on an Energy Vision Project.
In other workshops we explored
many aspects of emergence, the conference theme.
And from a concert Saturday night
with singer-songwriter Sara Thomsen,
we emerged more whole.


With presenter Deana Johnson (second from left,)
Caroljean Willie (second from right) and Jennifer Morgan (right)

10551631_1453762004879153_4591639601014631890_oJennifer Morgan, co-founder of Deep Time Journey Network, and Paula Gonzalez,
a giant in the environmental and sustainability movement


Sunday morning,
as we shared an agape meal
and prepared to go outdoors
for our final liturgy,
the second Painted Lady Butterfly
from one of the chrysalises on our tables.
After a final blessing of all,
we left them there
in the shade of a tree
growing strong enough
to make their first flight.


Filled again,
inspired again,
connected more deeply
in The Great Work
inspired by Thomas Berry and others,
we too
once again.