This week,
I heard and learned
Sara Thomsen’s song for the children.
And this is a week
when the world needs
to hear,
take to heart,
this song.


When you sleep, may love keep you safe and warm.
When you wake, I will take you in my arms.
Love you deep as the ocean and high
As the twinkling stars up in the sky.

Oh, chick-chickadee, bumble-bum-bee
Bum bitty bum, listen to the drum
It’s the rhythm of the heart, we all have a part
Playin’ the heartbeat drum.

When you cry, I will sing you lullabies
Tickle toes and wipe your eyes
Drift on over into sweet dreams
The dark night is full of moonbeams.

All around the world, every boy and girl
Bum bitty bum, listen to the drum
Little lights all a-flame, no two the same
Playin’ the heartbeat drum.

Soon the sun will come and bring the day
And my dimpled darlin’ we will play
Open the window, welcome in
All the myst’ry whisp’ring in the wind

A tiger in a tree, fishes in the sea
Bum bitty bum, listen to the drum
Every shape and color, each different than the other
Playin’ the heartbeat drum

We are many and we are one
Playin’ the heartbeat drum

Sara Thomsen, “The Heartbeat Drum”
on her CD, “Somewhere to Begin”