Let us not
let this day go by without noticing,
lingering in,
taking in,
lest we not appreciate,
so we can remember
some July 30 when it’s 110 degrees:
Camelot on the Oklahoma prairie—
a day when it rained
all day,
at the end of July.

Barely a breeze,
and damp.
Soft rain.
Hear the steady drip,
the bird chirps.
Smell the earth,
the faintest sweetness
released from a blossom
in the rain.
Notice the plants,
the earth
Cast your eyes long
on green.

and humid
and welcome moisture
not withstanding,
the long, long drought
is not ended
by gracious summers as this.
An inch into the soil,
it is parched.
Still, the rains have come often enough
this summer,
the temperatures have stayed low enough,
that the land is green.
Savoring this,
remembering this
won’t change the conditions
that are causing global warming,
or its effects,
but it gives life here a break
and the beauty that comes with rain
may inspire us
to change what we must
so that beautiful Earth lives on.