CommonWealth Urban Farm

Some far-sighted,
committed people
we work with in Oklahoma City
are working together
as the OKC Urban Ag Coalition.
Transition OKC,
a program of Green Connections,
is at the forefront of this movement.

Transition OKC and its partners CommonWealth Urban Farms, Closer to Earth, TLC Garden Centers, OSU-OKC and Myriad Botanical Gardens have formed a new coalition dedicated to helping urban agriculture thrive in OKC. We envision our friends and neighbors enjoying urban farms and gardens, edible landscaping, and permaculture while contributing to the health and well-being of our communities and planet.

We sponsor educational and inspirational projects and programs designed to raise public awareness of the benefits of urban ag and help OKC grow food while saving water and preserving biodiversity.

The first week of September,
the coalition is presenting Oklahoma City’s first
Urban Farm Week,
to teach the values of urban farms and gardens.
Timing of the week-long series of events
is to underscore the fact that now, in Oklahoma,
fall is an opportune time to grow food.
(We’ll be sharing more event details soon.)

Leading up to Urban Farm Week
September 3-7,
is a film series,
held in the Terrace Room
at the Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Gardens,
7-10 p.m. A reception will follow each film.
Tickets for films are $5 and may be purchased
at the link above to the Myriad’s website.

August 8
is a film about collapse of bee colonies
More Than Honey
explores the reasons
that 50 to 90 percent of local colonies
(depending on the region)
are disappearing
and underscores the threat this is
to humans’ food supply:
no pollinators,
no fruits and vegetables,
no humans.
Noting the symbiosis between
bees and humans, Albert Einstein
predicted, “If bees were to disappear from the globe,
mankind would only have four years left to live.”
Currently, in China,
fruit trees are pollinated
by human hands.


August 22,
Green Connections is proud to sponsor
the reception
following showing of the film
Symphony of the Soil.
Our favorite local foods chef,
Kamala Gamble, who caters the annual
Prairie Dinner and Concert,
is catering the reception.
This beautiful film speaks to the life
we all have because of soil:
“The living skin of the earth.”
“We don’t grow plants, we grow soil and soil grows plants.”
“If we have declared a war against the soil itself then we are literally committing a species-level suicide.”


September 4
the final film of the series, Growing Cities,
will be shown during Urban Farm Week.
This is an exciting road trip around the U.S.
showing so many city gardening spaces.
It brings home the message
that ever since there have been cities,
for 12,000 years,
there have been people growing food
right where they are.

So very glad
for people committed
to permanent