Photo: Vicki Farmer

Photo by Vicki Farmer

To my soul,
music is necessary
for sustaining life.
And home grown, live music
brings the deepest
Oklahoma grows
great musicians.
And now, from Bearden,
a tiny town near Woody Guthrie’s
hometown of Okemah,
comes John Fullbright.
Last night in downtown Oklahoma City
at the Myriad Gardens Park,
2500 of us sat under a quarter moon
and an astonishingly cool August night,
our souls stirred,
by the songs of this young (26!)
man with a soul
that evidently sings
to live. (“I’ve sung all my life.”)
There are some extraordinary musicians
and John Fullbright—at only 26!—
is one.
It’s compelling to watch him play the guitar,
harmonica, piano with “ferocity”
as one reviewer has said,
listen to melodies and words
and a voice
that are so profoundly soulful
it’s almost a disconnect
to realize they’re coming from someone
so young.

He’s off and running.
Nominated for a Grammy this year.
Touring Europe with the release
of his second album. (He sang enough new songs
last night to have a good start on a third.)
Glad he was home
for awhile. Glad Oklahomans
(lots of us gray hairs
whose souls grew into the music
of the 60’s) realize and celebrate
and support, proudly,
another great homegrown musician.

John Fullbright at Myriad Park