I say it every time a group of children
come to Turtle Rock Farm:
The moments we stand watching
children freely explore in the natural world
are the most joyous.
Everything we do matters
if it leads to children
getting comfortable in,
getting to know
their home.
Words fail to describe
the deep satisfaction
of watching them pick tomatoes,
catch frogs,
find a turtle,
discover sticky green Hedge Apples,
get spat upon by an alpaca,
watch an Orb Weaver (“It looks like a spider
with high heels.”)



DSCN4718Looking Closely at  a Hedge Apple


Words fail to express
the profound, fervent, tremulous hope
that they will fall in love,
connect again and again and again
with a jillion points of life,
and care deeply about all
life on the planet.

Thank you Rev. Diana Pruitt
and thank you Oklahoma Disciples of Christ Foundation
for the grant that allows groups like
the families of New Hope United Methodist Church
to spend a day in nature at Turtle Rock Farm.
If you would like to bring children and teens
for a day in nature, let us know!